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At LBD Creative we are a dedicated and talented group of freelancers who come together to create a fantastic and profitable web presence for our clients.  Since we are freelancers it keeps our overhead down and prices for our services low.  But our standards are at the highest level.  We keep you site safe, current, and visible to search engines.  Contact us for a Free Estimate and let LBD show you what we can do for you.


Lead Designer and Project Manager.  Founder of LBD Creative.

“I hired Dan to perform an audit on my website to improve my SEO rankings. He provided me with a very thorough audit outlining all of the things I should do to optimize my website for SEO and he did it in a way that a laymen (me!) could understand. He is extremely knowledgeable and very competitively priced.He also offers full service website building and management. I highly recommend him!”

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Our Process

Step 1 – Research and Design

Research & Design

Whether this is a new site or update we need to research your business model, research your target demographic, and research the competition.  Once this information is gather and vetted we can begin to design an effective web presence.

Step 2 – Gather Content

Gather Content

Your content is the ultimate design component.  The research we did in Step 1 and the content we gather and/or create is the final arbitrator of every effective web presence.  Once content and design come together we’re ready to present our first draft.

Step 3 – Refinement and Fine Tuning

Refinement and Fine Tuning

Now that we’ve both had a chance to digest our progress so far we talk through all the details of layout, typography, color, and most of all – the user experience.  Our standard contract allows for 2 revisions at this point, although we’ve never had to.

Step 4 – Launch


After our revisions are complete and you, the client have signed off on the final layout, we’re going to finalize our SEO research and scrutinize every page of your site for maximum search results.  Then initiate spam filters and SEO elements.  Then we launch your new web presence!

Our Stunning Portfolio

Pricing information

Yes, you’ve heard this before – We have a website plan to work with any budget!  See our pricing plans below and know that everything is negotiable.  Expect your satisfaction.

Website design, development and hosting plans start at only $995


    Many service orientated business don’t need more that a one page site to draw new customers.  This plan is effective, search friendly, and amazing at the low price of only $995

    Monthly service and hosting plans for the one page site begin at only 50.00 per month.

    1000.00 – 2500.00

    This is a great price point for multi-page sites.  Do you need a signup page, a calendar page, a blog page, past events…..?  Also great for non-profits who need to solict donations, as our multi-page sites come with secure payment gateways.

    Monthly service and support plans begin at only 100.00 per month.

    2750.00 – 3500.00

    If you have products to sell online this is the site for you.  Online sales are estimates to top 50 billion dollars in 2018.  An ecommerce site is  your ticket to cash in.  Like a Rock Star!

    Monthly service and support plans begin at 250.00 per month.

    Monthly Service and SEO

    Your new website includes a low cost montly service plan that includes basic search engine optimization setup, spam filters, hosting, and malware protection.


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