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Website Design, SEO, and Internet Marketing for the small business owner and independent artist.

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custom website for sun country renovations of scottsdale, arizona

Small Business

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Small Business Sites

Having managed the websites of over 100 independent retailers, I have expertise on the problems, concerns, goals, ambitions, and realities of the small business website. I know the internet needs of the small business owner.

Site launched October 2015

wordpress website for mcdowell mountian counseling scottsdale, arizona

Wordpress Sites

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Custom Wordpress Sites

I have found that the biggest constant with small business websites is change. A Wordpress website is flexible and easily expands, shifts emphasis, and accommodates growing volumes of traffic without hassle or expense. As a part of my monthly plan I'm with you through every metamorphosis of your on-line presence.

Site launched July 2015

ecommerce website for photography


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Ecommerce sites for Artists

If a website's design is to be effective it must be driven by content. This is especially true for an artist's website. As flexibility is also important to the artist, a Wordpress site can be an excellent choice here as well.

Site launched May 2015

Brands & Clients

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Our Work Process

After we get to know each other, it's my job to get to know your business, your products, your customers and your competition. This drives the user experience and design of your website and greatly influences your monthly marketing and SEO plan.

Different Stages



This is where we work with you to understand your business and how it can flourish on the web. Your design is driven by content, and content is driven by research.



Now that content has driven the design, we carefully craft the user experience on your website to be simple, efficient, effective and geared toward conversions.



We gather and/or create original content, including images, and build your site. Then it is thoroughly tested before we launch. On the day of launch we send out a press release announcing your new internet presence.


Web Presence

You don't just build a website and launch it on the web and say, "Okay, there ya go." A website is like a garden, an organic entity that needs tending. If left alone, it will die. Our plan does not leave it alone.

Your website is like a wondrous technological garden. An organic internet presence capable of mega-nourshing your business.gilhuly glass sculpture phoenix botanical garden

Built Custom, with Bootstrap 3 or Wordpress

Whether you're on a tight budget or your ready for full customization, creating something incredible with LBD Creative is an effortless and intuitive process.

Retina Display Themes

We take great care to ensure that all our work is fully retina-ready. So it’ll look good on any retina display. We use retina.js to ensure the best view.

Responsive Design Always

LBD Creative websites fit any device handsomely. We test all of our sites in major devices and browsers. Check out this site on your desktop, tablet, or cell phone - and test it before buy.

Really Nice Animations

Good looking animations are an essential part of the new theme design trend. We add animations.css, a cool script to help enhance your site with energy and style.

Font Awesome Included

Font Awesome is the most used icon font on Bootstrap, a framework we use at LDB Creative. It gives you scalable vector icons that can instantly be customized with the power of CSS.

Carefully Crafted

We aim to design both, functional & beautiful themes for your website. Details are an important part of our main concept. We work hard to keep our code and front-end flawless.

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Contact Us

480-444-9986 voice or text
For general inquiries please fill out my form!

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